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  • Jacqueline Lademann

Sign and Share- less than a minute to bring about change

Are you wondering what YOU can do to help make Reproductive Health and Wellbeing leave a reality for ALL workers? The answer is simple- Sign and Share our petition.

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This is an important work place reform that will make a difference to men, women and LGBTQ people managing their reproductive health.

But the bosses say, No!

They say no one wants it.

They say that we can all just use our sick leave.

They think we'll give up.


Since we launched the campaign we have been hearing from lots of you telling us how much this new workplace entitlement is not just wanted but needed too. So many have wished that this was around when they were trying to have kids, or trying NOT to have kids; when they were struggling with the pain of endometriosis or taking hormone therapy for gender transition or menopause. We've heard you, and we agree this is such an obvious necessity for everyone.

But, the bosses aren't listening! So, we need to tell them loud and clear that the support for Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave is overwhelming and saying 'No' is not an option.

We need you to sign our petition. Not just that, we need your friends, family and workmates to sign our petition. Make this thing go viral!

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