Here's why we need it

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Paul Healey- HACSU State Secretary

HACSU State Secretary Paul Healey is well aware of the importance of Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave. When many people read the words ‘Reproductive Health and Wellbeing Leave’, they believe it is just a claim for women. But it also applies to men, non-binary and transgender people.

This claim will grant an extra five days’ leave for things like sperm donations, vascectomies and social and medical gender transitioning therapies, including sex and gender hormone therapy and reassignment surgery. Unfortunately, you may not be able to access your personal leave to do these things, or your workplace simply may not allow you to do so. At HACSU, we believe that is wrong.

“We believe this (claim) is so important,” Healey said. “These issues affect people. Often at times, there is stigma, embarrassment or shame. We don’t believe that should be the case. Every worker should get their needs met.”

To Paul, the most important outcome of this claim is ensuring all workers are supported. Having a vasectomy shouldn’t be a burden on you, your workplace and your finances. It should simply be a right.

“This claim is really about supporting people to feel comfortable in what they’re doing and that they know they’re supported, they’re not running out of personal leave,” Paul said. “This is a personal time in their lives and we want to make sure they’re fully supported.”

For much too long issues around Reproductive Health and Wellbeing have been taboo subjects that no one wants to talk about.

By introducing special leave entitlement to our working conditions we remove the stigma around these issues and help to ensure that all workers have the confidence to ask for, and receive, the appropriate health care that they need.

We are getting the conversation started but this isn't about us, it's about you. Everyone knows someone, or have experienced themselves these kinds of issues at work.  Whether it's  for IVF, treatment for endometriosis, gender transitioning, vasectomy or any of the myriad of other services and conditions connected to Reproductive Health and Wellbeing we believe that access to 5 days dedicated leave is an essential right for all workers.